Sunday 4 August 2013

3 new issues of Deathbattle now up!! With #4 and #5 in colour!!

I've got three new issues now up on my dropbox! Go check them out! Download them and give them a read!! Been working on issue seven and its coming on great. I've got my friend and write Ethan Rodgers helping me out with the script. He really helps add that extra bit of detail to the characters which is great.

Issue 6 is a bit different, being the first of the series to be pencilled and inked by hand and not on computer! Drawing on the computer can feel a bit taxing at times but drawing on paper is more like meditation than work! Its definately the way to. But no doubt, you can learn a lot from drawing with a tablet.

Issue 6 will be another coloured issue and something that I'm really proud of so look out for that in the near future!

Monday 10 December 2012

System Earth: DeathBattle at WoodHill Mall #3

Well unfortunately because google picasa (what ever that is) caps the amount of pictures you put on the internet when you use your google account (1GB), I cannot put anymore pictures on my blog...I'm not too sure how to fix this yet...

For anyone who wants to read issue number 3, you can read the 3rd issue in PDF form here:

Thank you. And please leave comments on any parts you don't understand or if the pictures are just overall too confusing. Go nuts on it. I want to know what doesn't work. I bode well to critisism. It makes me stronger like a sayan. I have a feeling my pictures are pretty confusing at times. And the flashbacks maybe a little hard to crasp straight away. I might have to add an extra shading of grey to help clarify things. Also, its hard to know if I'm feeding the reader enough information so they're not just constantly confused about whats going on.

Monday 3 December 2012

System Earth: Deathbattle at Woodhill Mall #2

Here's the second issue of DeathBattle at Woodhill Mall, I hope you enjoy.

If you want to view the comics as a PDF (which is much easier to read) then just download it from my dropbox here:

Sunday 7 October 2012

System Earth: Deathbattle at Woodhill Mall #1

So here's my new comic; 'Deathbattle at Woodhill Mall'. I've got this really cool feature on the blogsite now where it zooms in when you hover your mouse over the pics. So you can actually read things on the pages now! Yay. I'm gonna be making these stories and bringing them out weekly so make sure you come back for robot rocking action! Derp

Heres the site of the tutorial for the jQuery Image Zoom:

Wednesday 11 July 2012

System Earth: The Hunted

So here's what I've done for my graphic novel, The Hunted. Its been an absolute grind to get this far so I'm just gonna put it down and just start to do some more easy going smaller volumes so I can begin to distribute some of my work on paper and on a regular basis so people can actually start to see my work! This graphic novel project is really massive and it involves a lot of mental effort and my brain feels like its gonna explode whenever I return to the project. So I'm looking forward to just doing some more relaxed jazz that I can just create as I go. There are a few things I haven't fixed up and a few things that I will change, but its all there...and sorry about leaving it on a cliffhanger heh. Theres probably another 6 scenes to go...